Leading Nexus Private Limited.

Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India
+1 (470) 417 5715

Leading Nexus conducts investigations in multiple areas, ranging from finding missing persons to discovering the cause of a fire, or recovering stolen property to investigating identity theft. They conduct casework, interview witnesses, perform surveillance, and review public and government records to collect information. Cases may at times require investigators to testify in court or work alongside law enforcement.

Integrity :
Leading Nexus is able to handle sensitive information and materials in a discreet and proper manner. Our interactions with witnesses and collaborators should be conducted with integrity to maintain credibility.

Creativity :
Challenging cases require investigators to uncover information not available in criminal databases and histories. Improvisation and on-the-spot creativity is key.

Interviewing is vital to investigation. Detectives need strong verbal and written communication skills and listening skills. They must also know how to ask the right questions to get the answers they seek.

Our Working Style

* Identify the need to investigate an issue
* Develop an initial plan of action on discovery of a crime
* Select most appropriate elements of the Urgent Action Menu
* Establish the Points to Prove around the issue
* Use a tactical menu to decide the most appropriate strategy
* Distinguish between an Incident and a Crisis and apply appropriate response
* Risk Assess the situation and apply reduction treatments
* Set effective Actions for staff, both Covert (Informants/CHIS) and Overt (Enquiries)
* Distinguish between Evidence and Intelligence
* Put in place an effective Intelligence Gathering Strategy
* Evaluate, in-line with European standards, all data collected by Intelligence strategy
* Plan an effective search for Evidence
* Use a Decision Log
* Plan and prepare a Briefing
* Comply with basic Forensic Standards
* Conduct an effective search and seize evidence without contamination
* Analyse, using basic techniques, Links within the criminal network
* Plan an Arrest and Interview strategy
* Prepare an Interview strategy
* Produce an Evident File
* Comply with Human Rights legislation throughout the investigation
* Appropriately deal with Data Protection issues
* Consider Disclosure issues as apply locally
* Record and Retain transparent records

Order of Skills Gained

  • Understanding of the criminal justice system
  • Law enforcement processes
  • Legal processes
  • Working with police agencies
  • Understanding of policing objectives
  • Roles and tasks of law enforcement
  • Sentencing guidelines
  • Adult criminal behavior
  • Community-based corrections
  • Evidence management
  • Surveillance practices
  • Requesting and reviewing public records
  • Missing person reports
  • Asset searches
  • Forensic information and crime scene investigation
  • Providing court testimony
  • Case management and leadership
  • Use of scientific aids
  • Personnel and facility protection
  • Data policy and security
  • Statistical analysis
  • Appropriate use of data in investigations

Equipment We Use

We have hands on a range of different tools to carry out our investigations, from the clandestine (hidden body cameras) to the overt (firearms).

It is essential that our investigators know the appropriate tools for the job.
* Still and Digital Cameras
* Voice Changers - Analog and Digital
* Recorders
* Listening Devices and Microphones
* Counter-surveillance Kits
* Wireless Video Cameras
* Standard and Digital Binoculars
* Metal Detectors
* Body Cameras
* GPS Trackers
* Wiretap Devices
* GPS Detector
* Email Monitoring Software 

our network

Our network of networks is of trusted independent professionals from a variety of backgrounds including human resources, organisational development and communications, Governments across the world. We have worked with and delivered in a number of public and third sector cases.

We work collaboratively with leaders and experts, teams and individuals to solve strategic problems/cases and deliver operational results. All this through our creative and innovative approach.

At Leading Nexus, we pride ourselves on our ability to partner effectively with our clients and with each other. And professionals come to work with us time and again because of the our resourcefulness in diagnosis, planning and delivery.

" our professional network literally works on everything "