Step 1 - Send your query in brief, so we can check and get back to you.
Step 2 - Get registration done by paying one time fee
Step 3 - Our proceedings will begin by getting case details from your side, and we will give the scope of the work and time frame along with charges & payment procedures
Step 4 - We will put our full focus on your case and will pursue the case until it meets a logical conclusion in favour of you and justice
It is 100 USD when you opt for our services, once the registration is done your file will be verified and we proceed to the next step, once the report is sent to you on the scope of the work and fee for the case - its is your part to decide whether you go further or you need any special discussion over pricing.
Once the registration is done, the proceeding will begin. There can be no fixed time frame for any case to receive outcome. We can pursue the case on behalf of you and do the needful in respect of law and order.
Yes, we have branches in India
Many more are coming.
It is depending on the case nature and all. The very important point when we fix the fee for any such cases is "what is the outcome you are expecting & what is the evidence that you have provided - what is the resource size we need to pursue your case for justice to arrive"
Its complicated.
We have a core team of 25+, it will vary a little up and down for the time being.
Our professional network inside India is more that 1000
Our professional network outside India is 75
Our Security wing personnel are more than 10k

* you too can join us, please apply here
At all costs it is not possible to deal against the Justice we believe, we do not accept such cases.
No, it is only for the signatures if needed. All the hindrances to deal with your case will be taken on ourselves. You can monitor regularly on the updates.
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